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    I am the Elite Uber of Hair Extensions  ,i specialize in hair hair extensions installation and hair extension blending all types of hair extension services and sales!

    We use 100% human raw hair ,all of our hair comes from a single donor , we use one donor for each few packs of hair to keep the consistency and quality of the hair the same .we also sell the hair without installation.

    I’ve been in the hair extension installation business for about 20 years , in my time  i have design a hair extension method that works great with your natural hair ,this method can be done to any type of hair and it actually promotes your own hair growth ,i focus on creating a natural look with volume and perfect blending of the hair ,you will feel and look  beautiful and no one will detect there’s  hair extension in your beautiful locks  .

    My goal is to bring Elite hair extension service  to the comfort of your own location or home ,with a friendly and professional attitude!


    • Hourly Rate: $20.00/h
    • Rating:
    • Experience: 20 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: $0.00
    • Country: American